Why does my anus itch?


February 25, 2018

Why does my anus itch? |

While it is obviously embarrassing, anal itching is a very common occurrence. In fact, almost everyone would have at least an episode in their lifetime. As with itching anywhere in the body, there are many underlying causes.

Here are some reasons why an itchy anus may occur:

  1. Your hygiene

Poor hygiene can cause the delicate skin around the anus to get irritated and then start to itch. Avoid leaving faecal matter on your anus without rinsing or wiping it clean (this is why baby wipes is a great idea after taking a dump).

On the other hand, overzealous washing of the anus especially with the use of irritating soaps can also cause itching. Do not wipe too hard and avoid perfumes, sprays, antiseptics, and other products. Always keep the area dry and wear loose fitting underwear.

  1. Infections

Bacterial infections, mite infections (scabies) or yeast infections around the anus can cause itchy anus. Warts in the rectum can also be itchy.

  1. Skin conditions

If you have itchy skin problems like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, your anus can also be affected.

  1. Medical problems

Itching can occur with medical conditions like kidney failure, diabetes, tumours or hormonal imbalance. These can also affect the anus.

  1. Haemorrhoids

These swellings in the rectum may itch at times. Constipation makes them worse. But they can be managed and treated. With constipation, you can still have small tears in the anus from constipation

  1. Pinworm infestation

In children, itching commonly occurs due to pinworm infestation and is worse at night, when the female worms come out to lay eggs. This may also affect adults who live in such households.

  1. Allergies

A number of people experience itching of the anus when they take certain types of food and drinks. Common culprits are spicy foods, caffeine and nuts.

How to handle itchy anus

Identify the cause and tackle it. While there are many possible causes of anal itching, sometimes there is no apparent cause. Never scratch at it, otherwise the condition may worsen.

 If you not comfortable visiting a hospital, then you can contact a doctor online who can help sort out what the problem and refer you to a competent specialist within or outside Nigeria if need be.




  • Akinmade ayokunleOctober 15, 2018

    I have this itches in my bottom around my anus over 10 year ago and I have visit hospital but yet to stop if I used fungal tablet or fulcin but after a week it will back again I’m Akinmade ayokunle married with 2 kids pls what would I take to stop this embarrassing time

    • Olatunde AsagbaOctober 16, 2018

      This must be very distressing for you, Mrs. Ayokunle. However, it would be difficult to figure the exact cause from your comment alone. You may want to follow up on some of our recommendations on hygiene (like washing the area gently before gently patting it completely dry). You may also want to use a non-fragranced toilet soap to wash your panties and iron them after they dry.

      Please do not get frustrated. Kindly see your doctor and see how you both can walk through all the possible causes again. You may also need a referral to a skin specialist (dermatologist).


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