What can cause a man to have a dry orgasm?


August 14, 2017

What can cause a man to have a dry orgasm? |

A dry orgasm occurs when a man gets to climax but does not ejaculate. However, this lack of ejaculation is not always absolute. It varies from an total lack of ejaculate (anejaculation) to very little (bearing in mind that the normal amount of semen produced during ejaculation is averagely three quarter of a teaspoon). However, while dry orgasms may not affect a man’s pleasure or health, it can be a cause of great concern to him or his partner. It can also result in infertility.

Causes of dry orgasms

The following are reasons why a man can have a dry orgasm:

  • Depleted supply: This happens when a man has had several rounds of sex, thereby exhausting his store of semen. Multiple orgasms are common in younger men, who have shorter refractory periods, allowing them to get erect again faster. This is usually replenished after about a day or two.
  • Radical prostatectomy:  After complete removal of a prostate gland, semen is no longer produced.
  • Damage to the prostate or bladder:  dry orgasms can be an aftermath of surgery, radiation, or spinal cord injury that affects those organs.
  • Retrograde ejaculation, which results in semen entering the bladder instead of coming out of the penis during orgasm. It has a number of causes and it does not prevent childbearing.
  • Genetic abnormalities that affects the parts of the urogenital system responsible for the production and transportation of sperm and or seminal fluid.
  • Medical problems like testosterone deficiency, diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS). While the first is responsible for reduced semen production, the other two cause nerve damage.
  • Drug side effects: Some medications that treat the prostate, mood disorders or high BP have dry orgasms as part of their side effects.
  • Deliberate dry orgasms: Yes. It’s not just the women who do this. For various reasons, a man can decide to fake an orgasm and would obviously not release any semen.  Apart from this, some men are able to achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculating through practicing Kegel exercises or going overboard with techniques for premature ejaculation.


The main symptom is that men who suffer dry orgasms climax without significant ejaculation. Other symptoms include: milky urine (in the case of retrograde ejaculation) and the inability to conceive (infertility).


A thorough assessment and investigation of the cause of the dry orgasms needs to be done before the possibility of treatment is discussed.  A urologist, gynaecologist or any other specialist that may need to be consulted. Some of the things that may be suggested include pelvic floor exercises, medication switches or prescription, hormonal therapy and so on.

It’s important to note that having dry orgasms does not make a man sterile. In quite a number of cases, a man can still release enough sperm to get a woman pregnant. In the case of retrograde ejaculation, a trained specialist can extract sperm from the man’s urine and artificially inseminate his partner with it.

Final word

Experiencing dry orgasm does not mean that a man cannot enjoy sex or that he is less of a man. Apart from treating the cause, there is the need to get his fears allayed. If you or someone you know is experiencing persistently dry orgasms, then get to contact a doctor or book an appointment on the DoctorDial platform for a confidential online consultation and all the information you need.


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