The dangers of yo-yo dieting


May 25, 2018

The dangers of yo-yo dieting |

The term is from the yo-yo, a toy which gets extended by its rope and returns when tugged back. Yo-yo dieters go through a cycle of losing weight, then gaining it back and then losing it again; with the cycle repeating itself. In fact, another name for yo-yo dieting is weight cycling and there are many reasons why it is harmful.


Weight cycling has been found to:

  1. Lead to weight gain

In the process of starvation, the body tries to keep as much as it can in storage because it does not know where the next meal is coming from. This phenomenon is easily observed in animals that do not get their food year-round whose bodies have adapted to store as much as possible for the lean days ahead. In humans, it is called the caveman effect.


  1. Make it harder to lose weight

Each time you gain weight, your body never quite returns to its period state and you need to do much more to achieve the same result that you once got easily. There are also other reasons your diet may not be working.

      3. Make you look old

All elastics have their limits, even the skin tissue. During weight gain, the skin is stretched and during rapid weight loss, it sags and folds. With each cycle, there is a loss of skin tone and a resultant aged look.

        4.   Shorten lifespan

Worse than looking old, studies show that those who go on cycles of weight loss and weight gain end up dying earlier than even those who are obese.  This is probably due to the damage that the changes in the nutritional condition have on so many organs of the body.

        5. Lead to depression

Possibly due to repeated altered body and self-image as well as changes in the brain, those you go on yo-yo diets seem to be at a higher risk of suffering from depression than others.

        6. Promote heart disease

While being overweight remains a major risk factor for cardiovascular disorders, weight cycling may even be worse!

           7. Undervalue healthy choices

Many fad diets involving the elimination of certain classes of food. While one can quickly lose a lot of weight with these diets, the body does better on healthy carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water in good proportion. Apart from this people often get bored with those food choices and tend to slip back into old habits, thus repeating the cycle. 

Final word

The best way to lose weight is by learning to make the right food choices, selecting appropriate portions, getting adequate fluids and exercising appropriately. This can help one live healthy in a more sustainable way. Break the cycle!

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