How to prevent STDs


March 5, 2017

How to prevent STDs |

There are quite a number of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and regardless of the myths out there. Because STDs can have serious consequences, it is important for every man or woman of reproductive age to ensure that they do not catch them.

Here is a recap of steps to prevent STDs:


The only way to completely avoid STDs is abstinence. As long as you stay away from engaging in every sexual act, including kissing, oral, anal and vaginal sex, then you cannot catch STDs. Note that some STDs like HIV and HBV can be transmitted by contact with blood and other bodily fluids so you should maintain your usual caution with sharp needles, blood transfusions and the like.

Be faithful

Being faithful to a partner who is also faithful to you is another way to prevent STDs. Apart from this, you should both avoid catching HIV, HBV, Herpes and other diseases from other sources. You should both have tested negative within the past 6 months to all testable STDs.

Use appropriate barrier methods

Using a male or female condom every time you engage in vaginal, oral, or anal sex can be quite effective if used correctly and consistently. Also ensure that you use the right kind of lubrication for your condom. For instance, only use water-based lubricants with latex condoms otherwise, your condom may break. Check out our tips on using a condom effectively.

Condoms are not the only barrier methods available: there are dental dams for oral sex and gloves can be used during invasive masturbation (fingering). No barrier method is 100% effective.

Other tips

Other things that you should do to avoid STDs include:

  1. Get tested regularly if you are sexually active or in regular contact with bodily fluids (e.g. medical professional or hospital staff or hospital waste management)
  2. Get vaccinated against hepatitis B
  3. Limit the number of sexual partners that you have
  4. Avoid having sexual intercourse under the influence of drugs or alcohol, especially with strangers.
  5. Know your limits. Never be afraid to say ‘no’.

Final word

Apart from abstinence, having a truly monogamous long-term relationship is a great way to stay away from STDs. Otherwise, one should practice safe sex until they are ready for a long-term commitment of mutual monogamy and have regular testing.

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