Can I get pregnant if…?


August 1, 2018

Can I get pregnant if…? |

For sexually active young women (and their partners), the fear of a missed period can be pure torment. Having a child when one is not ready for such an additional responsibility, coupled with the societal issues, not to mention the disruption of studies, career, and family life. Obviously, getting pregnant involves sexual intercourse, but there still are grey areas that we often wonder about.

Can I get pregnant though pre-ejaculate (pre-cum)?

Pre-ejaculate is a fluid that is released by the Cowper’s gland to help condition the urethra and lubricate the sperm during sex. There is a lot of controversy about this but pervading evidence shows that pre-cum does not ordinarily contain sperm. However, if your partner had recently ejaculated and has not urinated afterwards, residual sperm can still be present, which can then mix up with the pre-cum. In this case, penetrative sex or sufficient contact during foreplay may be enough to result in conception. Also, do not forget that pre-ejaculate is usually released involuntarily. Therefore it is always advisable to use contraception.

Can I get pregnant in a bathtub or swimming-pool?

It is almost impossible for a woman to get pregnant just by being in the same body of water than a man has ejaculated into. This is because sperm cells can only live for a couple of minutes in untreated, warm water. Therefore, factors like chemicals in the pool, barrier of swimwear and the distance that the sperm have to travel to get to the vagina. 

Can semen on my underwear get me pregnant?

It is highly unlikely that semen would be able to seep through underwear and that sperm would be able to swim from there all the way into the vagina and then to find an egg to fertilize. The thicker the underwear, the less likely but it is indeed a possibility.

Can I get pregnant from oral sex?

All it takes is for semen to get introduced to the female reproductive tract. This can happen if someone has enough semen in their mouth which is introduced into the vagina. Of course, it is unlike that the sperm cells would still viable during this whole process and it goes without saying that a woman cannot get pregnant from swallowing semen! One should know though, that some STDs can be spread through oral sex. 

Can I get pregnant from anal sex?

Naturally, a woman cannot get pregnant from anal sex except they have a connection between the rectum and the vagina (which is a very rare abnormality). However, if the semen is deposited around the anus or it seeps out from the condom then it can get into the vagina and of course, pregnancy may be a possibility.

Can I get pregnant as a virgin?

Virginity does not confer any contraceptive powers. All it takes to get pregnant is one sperm fertilizing an egg. So this even can occur without penetration. Also, a woman’s first time having unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy, as long as it happens around her ovulation period.

Can I get pregnant if I have irregular periods?

A woman who has irregular periods may not be able to correctly predict her ovulation dates but if she does ovulate and has sexual intercourse about that time, she stands the chance of getting pregnant.

Can I get pregnant during my period?

For most women, it is basically impossible to get pregnant from sex during a menstrual period. This is because ovulation usually happens in the middle of the cycle, about 14 days after the period begins. However, women with short cycles (like 21-23 days long), ovulation comes earlier than in a 28 day or longer cycle. Therefore, if intercourse happens around the end of the period, sperm cells can still survive in the body up to a week after, into ovulation. 

Also, a few women may think that they are having their period when they are in fact spotting during ovulation. This is obviously a fertile period and is one of the reasons a woman may bleed twice in the same month

Final word

The best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies is by practicing safe sex. You should also monitor your cycle so that you know how your body works.  If you have irregular periods, you could still get pregnant or other issues, then you should see a gynaecologist. You can consult with a verified specialist or any doctor that you choose for whatever health concern on


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