9 ways to combat stress


August 1, 2017

9 ways to combat stress |

Stress is everywhere! If it is not the economy, then it is work or traffic or family life. Stress has been linked to many diseases, especially the cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders. How do you stay above stress in Nigeria, keeping your health and sanity?

The following may help:

  1. Be realistic: sometimes, we make unrealistic goals, which set us up for failure. Try breaking things down to bits. Make a list of things to do for the year, quarter, month and week. Then based on those, make daily to dos that you can actually achieve.
  2. Be social: relating with friends outside the work environment can be very beneficial. Try seeing a movie or attending an event. Interacting with others can help take your mind off your stressful life.
  3. Relax: put up your feet. Not every time work, work. Turn off your phones for a whole day, sleep in on a Saturday, have a weekend getaway with a loved one, get a massage at the spa, do some gardening or some other hobby.
  4. Meditate: it has been proven that taking time regularly to meditate is very beneficial to the health. If you are religious, then meditating on scriptures from the holy writ can help you and also improve upon your spirituality. If not, look for meditation exercises that suit you.
    Jogging is a great exercise
  5. Exercise: physical activity releases all the right hormones that your body need to recover from stress. It also has the sweet advantage of weight loss and keeping your body fit.
  6. Avoid procrastination: when we put off important stuff, they tend to hover on our minds, especially with a deadline looming. This results in more stress that if we had just done them. To prevent this, just do whatever is needed in good time.
  7. Procrastinate: yes! This may sound counter-intuitive, considering the previous point, but sometimes, the pressure of having that looming deadline might be too much to handle. It makes sense to put off such tasks for a while and do something more relaxing so that you can come back to it refreshed. Just make sure you end up doing it!
  8. Sleep: getting a good night’s sleep helps your body regulate itself. With regular lack of sleep, your body produces more stress hormones, which put your body under tension, resulting in lack of concentration, forgetfulness, low productivity and more stress and lack of sleep!
  9. Talk to someone: sometimes, we cannot cope with stress by ourselves. A counsellor, mentor, religious leader, trusted friend or family member can help. You can also seek professional help by reaching out to a psychologist or psychiatrist online.

Final word

The fact is that there is no escaping stress at all in this world. We can however find ways to help reduce our stress levels. If you are having things particularly difficult and find that stress is affecting your productivity and your mental health or you have someone who you know needs help in this regard, then our doctors at DoctorDial are available for online consultations all day. You can also schedule an appointment with a therapist at your convenience.


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