5 ways that you are overheating your testicles


July 10, 2018

5 ways that you are overheating your testicles |

You must have heard that heat is bad for your testes. This is very true. Those twin balls literally chill in the scrotum, which is slightly but significantly cooler than the core body temperature. 

How do testes get overheated?

The following are some activities that can raise the temperature down there beyond what is optimal for your reproductive health:

  1. Sitting for too long

When you sit, your testes are often trapped closer to your body. If your job involves sitting down for a prolonged time period, then you should stand up once in a while and walk around to prevent overheating your testicles. 

2. Carrying your laptop directly on the lap

A good way to cook your sperm factory is by placing your laptop directly on your laps for extended periods of time daily. You should rather work at a table or place a hardboard first on your lap.

  1. Wearing tight clothes, particularly underwear

If you are that guy who prefers briefs, please make sure they are not tight and that they are made of breathable fabric. Those nylon briefs that bodybuilders wear are a no-no—at least not for an extended period of time. Also,  skin-tight trousers should be avoided .

  1. Regular hot soaks

Whether you call it a hot-tub, a whirlpool or its popular brand name, Jacuzzi, soaking in one of these can be one of the most luxurious things ever! However, doing this for too long at a time or too often can be detrimental.

  1. Regular sauna visits

Who does not like spa treatments? While claims that the steam or hot air removes toxins from the body and melts fat when one sweats have not really been proven, but for those who can stand the heat, it can be refreshing.  However, these temperatures are no good for the testicles.

Other heat-generating activities include cycling and cooking (especially outdoor grilling).

Effects of overheating the testes

Spermatozoa start to die when their environment starts heating up. With continuous heat, sperm production reduces. Both of these are significant enough to cause lowered sperm count. 

Is the damage permanent?

The good news is that the damage caused by overheating your testes is not usually permanent. However, constant exposure to heat inducing activities is one of the many causes of infertility, which may be temporary (because it takes a little over two months for produced sperm to fully mature) or more permanent, due to structural changes.

How do you reduce your risk of overheating testes?

Here is a short list: choose boxers over tight briefs, avoid tight-fitting clothes, keep a healthy weight, avoid long hot soaks and steam baths, always take breaks when working while seated for too long, and avoid leaving your laptop directly on your laps for too long.

Final word

With a few practical steps, most men would be able to avoid overheating their testes, resulting in better quality sperm of adequate quantity. This can help prevent infertility. If you think that you may be suffering from a male reproductive problem, then you may need to see a urologist. You can call or chat with a urologist or a general doctor at your convenience on www.doctordial.ng. Other specialists are also available.


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