15 tips on using a male condom effectively


February 7, 2017

15 tips on using a male condom effectively |

While abstinence and being faithful to one STD-free partner are better ways of preventing STDs, barrier methods can be quite effective, particularly the male latex condom . There are however guidelines to follow when using condoms so that you get the best protection as possible from pregnancy and STDs.

Here are 5 points to note when using condoms:

Consistent use:

  • Condoms must be used during every sexual encounter (for each round or act). Inconsistent use is risky. Your health should never be a gamble or a game.
  • Insist on protection and carry some around if you can, so that you are well prepared for possible encounters.

Buying the condom:

  • Always buy a tested and approved brand…quality does matter
  • Check if the package has been tampered with (the pack should still have an air bubble so you know it has not been punctured)
  • Check the expiry date on the pack

Storaing the condom:

  • Never keep your condom in your wallet or car. It must always be in a cool and dry place because heat or friction can damage it.

Here are 10 basic instructions for using a male latex condom:

  1. Carefully tear the pack open (do not use your teeth) and remove the condom gently
  2. Only put the condom on when the penis is hard and erect.
  3. The tip of the condom should be pinched, to remove air, while the condom is being put on
  4. Never put more than one condom on at the same time. The friction can cause tears within the condoms, making both useless.
  5. Always unroll the condom all the way down the penis shaft.
  6. Use water/silicone based lubricants and not Vaseline, coconut oil, baby oil or any other type of oil or oil-based lube.
  7. Stop immediately if you feel that the condom has broken, remove the torn one and replace with a fresh condom.
  8. Withdraw carefully after ejaculating but before the penis gets soft, holding the condom at the base. Do not let it slip off.
  9. Remove the used condom carefully and dispose safely by wrapping in tissue or a bag before dropping in the garbage (do not flush down the toilet).
  10. Never reuse a condom…not even for the next round …. even if it was not ejaculated into.

Final note

Male latex condoms can be quite effective in preventing many STDs during vaginal, oral and anal sex when they must be used appropriately and consistently. Unfortunately, condoms cannot prevent against STDs that are transmitted by skin contact with genital sores or warts. You may want to have a recap of the ways to prevent getting an STD.

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